Descending Rabbit Holes

Side Effects — Descending Rabbit Holes
Release date : Sept. 28, 2018
Label : Rockshots Records

Croatian trio Side Effects return to bring their progressive arrangements to the world for a fourth time with their next album Descending Rabbit Holes. Enhanced with a fusion of powerfully delivered, intricate drum parts, fierce bass, virtuoso guitars and poetic lyrics this album is the calling card of a no-frills rock power trio.

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Recoil (single)

Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects — Recoil (single)
Release date : Sept. 26, 2013
Label : U.D.U. Records

The single Recoil. This single is the first studio recording with the new band lineup featuring Marko Karacic Karo on bass guitar.

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Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects — Counterclockwise
Release date : Dec. 21, 2012
Label : Zeta Factory

Counterclockwise is a concept album which comments on the current state of mind and consciousness of our society and the world. It talks about many situations and feelings people might encounter through their lives. It talks about despondency, about people who disappoint you in ways you'd never expect from them, about dealing with a death of a close friend, about greed and about people dealing with severe depression, but it also shows the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Destination Unknown

Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects — Destination Unknown
Release date : Oct. 11, 2010
Label : SG Records

The first album to feature the name Side Effects. This album got some amazing reviews from high profile magazines, such as Guitar Techniques (in which it was the album of the month in March 2011), and was included in several "top albums of the year" lists.

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Ivan Mihaljevic — Sandcastle
Release date : Aug. 18, 2008
Label : Attic Room

Although this album doesn't have Side Effects in the artist name, it was Ivan Mihaljevic's first solo album which eventually lead to forming of the band Side Effects and songs from this album are still in our live setlists.

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